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Post: #1   PostPosted: Thu Jul 02, 2009 12:12 am Reply with quote
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If you are still buying and selling on eBay alone, you are not taking advantage of the opportunities available to online entrepreneurs!

There are quite a few alternatives to eBay, and almost all of them offer much cheaper fees, besides being far more seller friendly and easy to use for both sellers and buyers.

After doing a little research on eBay alternative web sites, I have finally found an alternative site that is both effective and very easy to use (for both buyers and sellers).

Let me start off with a link to the website in reference,

Wigix is a Community-Driven Marketplace, where you can sell with ease and pay less fees than eBay!
Buy with confidence.
Discover the difference a community makes.

Wigix is a catalog of all products, One Page per Unique Product
A page for the Wii.
A page for the iPhone 16GB.
A page for the 1966 Topps Mickey Mantle Card.
A page for...

You may check out their site, and see all the features and services they have to offer by clicking on this direct link,

The features that stood out to me were :

Keeping fees at bay
Why be confused with thousands of fees? Wigix's fee structure is simple and easy-to-understand. No hidden fees to surprise you.

Buy Order Listings: Free
Transactions: Free


Sell Order Listings: Free
Orders $25 or less: Free
Orders $25.01 - $100: $1.50
Orders $100.01 - $1000: $1.50 + 2% (of the portion above $100)
Orders more than $1000: $19.50 + 1% (of the portion above $1000)

Compare that with eBay*:

Wigix Listing fees: Free - vs. eBay $.10 - $4.00
Transaction fees:

Wigix below $25.01: Free - vs. eBay. 8.75%
Wigix $25.01 - $100: $1.50 - vs. eBay $2.19 + 3.5%
Wigix 100.01 - $1000: $1.50 + 2% - vs. eBay. $2.19 + 3.5%
Wigix above $1000: $19.50 + 1% - vs. eBay. $34.12 + 1.5%

PLUS any insertion, reserve, buy it now, upgrade or hosting fees too!

Why pay over-priced eBay fees? Revolt with Wigix!

*eBay fees current as of February 24, 2009. These fees do not include those from 3rd parties, such as Paypal and Google

Go to and check out all of their features. Create an account, sign in and you are ready to go !

That it! It’s simple, effective, has easy buy / sell features, and pretty darn cheap as well.
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Post: #2   PostPosted: Sat Jul 04, 2009 10:10 pm Reply with quote
Steve - Admin
Site Admin
Site Admin
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The site looks good - and certainly a different concept - good luck to it!

BTW I have removed your affiliate links again from the posting above.


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