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Post: #1   PostPosted: Mon Sep 17, 2007 8:51 am Reply with quote
Joined: 13 Sep 2007
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Location: UK

Not to be confused with the much bigger and better known Bidz site in the USA which mainly deals with jewellery. is a UK based site which has been around for a couple of years. I joined as a buyer not as seller, which was just as well because the site completely disappeared from view for well over a month. It would not load and all you got was various messages which told you nothing about what the root problem was. Being a persistent person I kept trying and a few days ago it suddenly re-emerged but not surprisingly the amount of items listed had nose-dived to less than 300. Also most of the stores were empty.

In my view this is pretty poor because having disappeared for so long most if not all goodwill built up by the site and its sellers would long ago have disappeared. The average person would only try a couple of times to load a site and then give up for good. My view was that at the very least members should have been emailed or if that was not possible then an announcement could have been made in auction forums such as this.

More astonishingly when the site did re-emerge there was no explanation of what had happened, no apology just silence on the issue! So I posted in their forum expressing my disappointment at the way they had treated their members and that this was not a business like approach to the problem. Shortly after this I (& presumably all other members) got an email apologising for the disappearance and saying they had experienced problems with their servers. As compensation they were cutting sellers fees for a period. They also claim to now have more staff though how they can pay their wages from the commission on the small number of items that sell there is a mystery to me.

I'm no computer expert but I've never heard of a site going down for over a month. By yesterday my post had been removed by the site as well as a reply thanking the site for their "generosity" in cutting the fees!

Then the site disappeared again, then it was back and a few minutes ago it had disappeared again. I'll make no further comment other than to say I've now completely washed my hands of it but the goods news is that there are plenty of sites which don't do frequent vanishing tricks leaving their users up the proverbial gum tree!

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Post: #2   PostPosted: Tue Sep 18, 2007 1:38 am Reply with quote
Steve - Admin
Site Admin
Site Admin
Joined: 07 Sep 2007
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Sorry to hear that - does sound a bit strange Confused

I can't understand why it would take so long for them to get back up
and running?? We can all have server problems from time to time
but certainly you would try to minimise that and get everything
working again. I mean yesterday the MySQL side of this server (not our
dedicated server) fell over for a short time taking out this forum. Within
about twenty minutes of us becoming aware of it normal service was

Also seems strange that they didn't initially let the users know what the
problem was - it's hard enough to get users without alienating the ones
you do have.


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Post: #3   PostPosted: Thu Apr 30, 2015 6:17 am Reply with quote
Joined: 30 Apr 2015
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if you have to spend many hours trawling through hundreds of
categories looking for desirable lots in amongst thousands of auctions.
How can you find out what lots are closing without going into each
individual category?

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