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Beta Testing: Online Auction Selling Manager (OASM BETA 1.0) 
Post: #1   PostPosted: Wed Mar 26, 2008 7:27 pm Reply with quote
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Hi All,

I'm not entirely sure if this is the right place to post this, but, here goes. My company has just finished writing a product designed to make online auction selling easier, and I was wondering if anybody would be interested in Beta testing the software? The software was designed for Windows XP (all versions), but should work on all Microsoft operating systems. Though in a Beta stage, the software is VERY stable; but ... it's Beta, so expect a few bugs. I'll explain a little more about the software now:

Online Auction Selling Manager (OASM BETA 1.0)
OASM is a collection of 16 tools integrated into a multiple-document interface. Each tool is designed to tackle specific areas in selling online in auction sites, as well as providing expandability by accepting custom HTML formats, add-ins, e-mail templates, etc.

The BETA release of OASM is for evaluation and bug finding, so we can make the final release of OASM as ‘bullet-proof’ as possible.

Currently, OASM has only been tested on Microsoft Windows Millennium, and Windows XP (Service Pack 2). OASM is designed to run on XP, though is stable on Windows Millennium (with a few rare exceptions). OASM is untested on Microsoft Windows Vista (BETA testing/reporting on this platform would be greatly appreciated!).

Brief Overview of OASM’s Functions:
-Selling List. A simple list to help you keep track of everything you intend to sell that day/session.

-Listing Wizard. A quick and customisable way to list items for sale on an auction site.

-Title Builder. Create the perfect title for your listing using information stored in the Stock Database.

-Picture Database. Keep your images stored and organised in a single location, allowing OASM to quickly find them, and embed them into your HTML listing pages.

-Postage Options. A simple database to store your postage options/prices/postage discounts. Also acts as a customisable postage price reference table.

-Listing Schedule. Keep track of everything you list, profits, losses, etc.

-Stock Database. A large database to hold your stock items, their details, and 20 miscellaneous fields to hold random facts about each item.

-Customer Database. A database to store as much information about your customers as you need.

-Supplier Database. A database to store and quickly locate supplier information.

-Mark-Up Calculator. A tool to help you calculate mark-up prices.

-Postage Calculator. A tool to help you calculate postage prices (accepts numerous items, and applies postage discount values).

-E-Mail Builder. An e-mail tool that uses customisable/creatable templates to cater to any situation.

-Picking List Builder. Creates printed lists of customer orders, reducing the possibility of errors on large orders.

-Invoice Builder. Creates mailing invoices to add to your parcels.

-Mailing Label Builder. Prints mailing labels for your parcels onto an A4 sheet of paper. Sizes: 8 per sheet / 4 per sheet / 2 per sheet.

-Feedback Builder. A simple database to store feedback comments for customers.

All BETA testers who submit suggestions/bug reports will be credited in the final release of OASM (suggestion/bug report tool provided in the BETA release of OASM). The most diligent BETA testers will each receive a free Licence Key to unlock the final release of OASM.

If you're interested in trialing this software, download it from ( 3.21mb ZIP file (installs to around 34mb)

This software was written in Visual Studio .NET (.NET Framework 1.1). You will need to install the .NET Framework 1.1 for this software to work (if the Framework is not installed on your system, you'll be prompted to download it and given a link).

You can download the Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 here (23.1mb):

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Beta Testing: Online Auction Selling Manager (OASM BETA 1.0) 
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