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PR for 
Post: #1   PostPosted: Wed Dec 05, 2007 2:06 pm Reply with quote
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Most of us can only dream of owning a Porsche or taking an expensive holiday on an exotic island. Equally, most would think that buying such luxury at an auction is beyond our means. However, what if the price started at less than a third of the value of the item and the bids went down instead of up?
Amazingly, that's exactly what one on-line auctioneer is proposing. The unique system, which throws the rule-book out of the window, has been developed by so that everyone has a chance to enjoy a millionaire lifestyle regardless of their income.
For just the price of an auction catalogue you can bid as many times as you like and it is the highest unique bid that secures the Porsche, holiday or even home. Known as a High Max, or HM auction for short, this completely new style of auction is short as well as sweet for successful bidders as they typically last no longer than an hour.
And to make it even simpler the highest unique bid is displayed on-line in real-time throughout the auction. This removes any element of uncertainty or secrecy associated with sealed bids. The benefit of this is that, rather than sit with your fingers crossed and leave it to lady luck, bidders can interactively pit their wits against each other as they attempt to create the highest, unique bid.
Various strategies can be employed to try and secure the highest, unique bid but it requires skill, timing and judgement to knock out rival bids and protect yours as the hammer falls. And the fact that the starting price is less than a third of the value of the item and that bids go down not up means that it is has nothing to do with wealth as to who gets the Porsche or holiday.
Once you buy a catalogue you can bid and for once it truly is a level playing field for all. plan to start their innovative auctions very soon, with a holiday on the paradise of Turtle Island in Fiji up for grabs and the ultimate sports car, a Porsche Boxster will be the reward for one lucky bidder.
For those wanting the very real chance of fulfilling their dreams visit for details of how to register for High Max auctions. An added benefit of bidding through Arizmo is that 10% of proceeds from High Max auctions go to charities like Oxfam and Cancer Research. And if charities wish to get involved in auctions to raise money directly then Arizmo also runs more traditional highest bid auctions to turn donations into much-needed cash on their behalf.
This radical new approach to auctions has given bidding a whole new dimension and provided a chance for everyone to acquire things they wouldn ’ t normally be able to afford.
Good luck and happy bidding.
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PR for 
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